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ChromTouch® – after unsurpassed look and feel,
now finally with function

Chrome-plated plastic parts uniquely combine the positive properties of injection moulded parts with the high-quality appearance of a metal surface. The following advantages are examples:
Advantages of injection moulded parts:
– Production without finishing
– Low weight
– Integration of functional elements
Advantages metal surface
– High quality metallic appearance
– Cool Touch
– High resistance to many media, abrasion and ageing
– Day-Night Design
Of course the metal layer is also electrically conductive. This gave the KTB developers the idea that it should be possible to give the metal surface a function. The operation of devices by touch screens is today a technical standard. Couldn’t chrome parts be produced in such a way that they have a touch function?
ChromTouch®️ is the result of this development. Chrome parts can now also be used as a means of control. It is conceivable to control ambient lighting directly on the component where the light is emitted. Furthermore, the control of air conditioning and heating systems up to window lifters are also possible applications. Please contact us at www.ktbernt.de.

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