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More flexibility and sharp edges

The future of electroplatingAutomotive manufacturers swear by plastic for panels, buttons and control elements, because the material is lighter than metal and the manufacturing and processing costs are relatively low. In order to still meet the demands for good haptics, scratch resistance and elegant design, the plastic components are electroplated, i.e. they are given a …

Industry benchmark chrome(VI)-free pretreatment systems

In the course of the authorization obligation of chromium trioxide and the associated demands to substitute the substance, the companies in the FGK have been dealing for a long time with possible alternative pretreatment processes that do not require the use of chromium trioxide. In a benchmark the status of the current developments in 2019 …

Fine surfaces – Sharp edges

  Quelle: https://oberflaeche.de

Our new apprentices

Since the beginning of September, our new trainees have been at the start. This year we have a total of 8 trainees, 5 have started new. We welcome the new colleagues warmly and wish them all success on their important path to becoming skilled workers. More information about training at KTB here.    

More flexibility and sharp edges

Laser technologies extend the freedom of day-night design and can also be applied to chrome (III) 

More flexibility thanks to laser technology

19.05.2020 ZVO U-Ticker   The industry is facing new challenges that require the adaptation of galvanizing processes. Kunststofftechnik Bernt GmbH solves these with an adapted process chain in which several lasers play a special role. In the litho-graphics method, a UV-curing covering lacquer is applied in the area of the symbolism. (Picture: Plastics technology Bernt …

KTB Authorization request

On 5.12.2018 we received the information from Echa (European Chemicals Agency) that the KTB authorization application (Hapoc 0092-01) was forwarded to the EU Commission with the recommendation of an authorization period of 12 years. This means that the supply of our customers with chrome-plated plastic parts is secured until at least 2029. KTB will use …

Authorization of Chromium Trioxide

The European Chemicals Regulation REACh is one of the most complex in DC and involves a lot of effort for the economy. The IHK Schwaben and Vecco e.V. provided information about obligations and consequences for companies. Download PDF